Training and employement opportunities /
Stages et emplois

We have below two PhD positions open, in the framework of the MIAI KCE chair, in principle to start on Full 2020.
There is currently some uncertainty about the recruitment process, but we will post them to ensure that they can be filled as soon as possible.
So, do not hesitate to contact us to candidate or enquire.

Please note: if you wish to spend some time by the mOeX team, please, do not hesitate to send a proposal even if you do not apply for a subject below. Be sure to attach a CV and motivation letter. We read all your mails, but cannot answer them all.

PhD topics / Sujets de thèse

There is a very accurate description from Xavier Leroy about doing a PhD at INRIA. Everything applies to our team as well except for the doctoral school we are affiliated with.

Master internships / Sujets de deuxième année de mastère recherche

Although not a requirement, doing a good master internship with us increases the likeliness to continue in PhD.

The topics below which do not have links (are not blue) are not explicitely open at the moment. However, if you want to make a strong case about them, do not hesitate.