Outil d'aide à l'alignement pour l'élaboration du graphe culture (Ginco V3, 2018)

The Ginco V3 project aims at extending the Ginco terminology management tool with ontology alignment capabilities.

The project is performed within the framework agreement INRIA-Ministère de la culture et de la communication.

Algorithmes d'aide à la définition de clés de liage et d'alignement d'autorités (FNE, 2018)

The goal of the FNE cooperation is to evaluate the suitability of link key extraction algorithms to matching authorities from BnF, ABES and the ministry of Culture and to improve such algorithms if necessary.

The project is performed within the framework agreement INRIA-Ministère de la culture et de la communication.

Enhancing Link Keys: Extraction and Reasoning (Elker, 2017–2021)

The goal of the Elker project is to extend the foundations and algorithms of link keys in two complementary ways: extracting link keys automatically from datasets and reasoning with link keys. Concerning link key extraction, Elker delves into the parallel between link key extraction and formal concept analysis. To deal with dependent link keys, we adapt the procedures defined for relational concept analysis. Regarding reasoning with link keys, Elker extends description logics techniques for reasoning with ontologies, data and link keys. Tableau methods for description logics are adapted to infer axioms and link keys from ontologies and link keys.

The Elker consortium comprises three complementary teams specialist on data interlinking and semantic web technologies and models (mOeX, LIG), knowledge mining and formal concept analysis (Orpailleur, INRIA) and reasoning in description logics (LIASD).

Methodology and algorithms for ontology refinement and matching (2015-2017)

Jérôme Euzenat is benefiting from a Special visiting researcher grant from the Bresilian Ciência sem Fronteiras program.

He is working with the team of Fernanda Baião and Kate Revoredo at the Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). Together they will investigate methods for evolving ontologies and alignments which involves users and agents. The goal of the project is to design methods and algorithms for both revised ontologies to represent the evolution of knowledge in a reliable manner and to obtain better quality alignments.