On the Semantics of ECA Rules and Active Integrity Constraints

Andreas Herzig
Joint work with Guillaume Feuillade and Christos Rantsoudis
IRIT, Toulouse

Thursday October 28th, 2021, 14:30

Salle de conférences, rez-de-chaussée, IMAG Building, Saint-Martin d'Hères


Event-condition-action (ECA) rules equip a database with information about preferred ways to restore integrity. They face problems of non-terminating executions and only procedural semantics had been given to them up to now. Declarative semantics however exist for a particular class of ECA rules lacking the event argument, called active integrity constraints (AICs). I will first provide a critical overview of these semantics, drawing on concepts that were developed in the belief revision literature, and then generalise one of the AIC semantics to ECA rules. I will finally discuss how these ideas can be adapted to Description Logics.


Andreas Herzig is a CNRS researcher of the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT) in Toulouse, France. He is the editor-in-chief of the Journal Applied Non-Classical Logics. He is an associate editor of Artificial Intelligence and a member of the editorial Board of the J. of Philosophical Logic (JPL). He is a fellow of the European Association for AI (EurAI).